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//Qyjon Clark – Black Identity Evolution (BIE)

Qyjon Clark – Black Identity Evolution (BIE)

This is a video we made from the vision of Qyjon Clark, which features his new collage piece titled Black Identity Evolution (BIE). This video depicts the varying dimensions of blackness while taking you through the three levels of existence. The first level being the “Who taught you to hate yourself “level of existence. The second level being the “If my life does not matter the no life will matter in the eyes of God” level of existence. This leading to the third and highest level of existence which is the “I just told you who I thought I was a God” layer of existence. All three layers are exemplified by prolific black speakers as well as the art piece itself. This video was created to showcase the black identity in all its complexity to highlight the utility of blackness within the evolution of all creation.

Promotional Music Video