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//Rhino The Neurosurgeon – Toys N Heaven

Rhino The Neurosurgeon – Toys N Heaven

“Sleep Good”, the song in Toys N Heaven, is honestly about just being happy. The song is dedicated to all those people who have stressful nights doing what they love. It’s a tribute to people who don’t smile often because they may be lost or confused throughout life. Oftentimes I’ve been told that I look high but I don’t smoke or drink. In general, I’m tired. Loved ones alongside friends tell me that I need sleep and to rest but life keeps calling. I don’t look high or tired because I’m up late at night goofing around. I’m up in the middle of the night doing what I love and working on my craft. I commit my nights to my love of design and music. Oftentimes I find myself locked into what I’m doing, that time seems to fly by. I feel at peace and at a natural high and no matter what others think I’m able to sleep good when it comes time because I can say I’m doing what I love. So if staying up long nights keeps me happier than sleeping and having nothing to show for it, I’d say I look better when I’m high.
– Rhino The Neurosurgeon

A Film by Ryan Anderson
Directed by Nick Albaracin
Written by Ryan Anderson
Starring: Rhino The Neurosurgeon
Director of Photography: K.R. Brooks
Edited by Nick Albaracin & Cory Turek
3D Modeling & CGI Effects by Ryan Anderson
3D Animation & Visual Effects by Cory Turek


Music Video